Why Every Relationship Should Have No Strings Attached

The more strings attached or any attachment in general usually leads to a heighten of feelings where people start to act irrationally. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable to gain strong feelings for a partner or someone that you’re emotional, mentally, and sexually attracted to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try.
Strings attached is different than being exclusive because you can still be independent people sleeping with each other, without all of the drama and roller coasters of emotions that come with an attachment.
1. Less Drama:
The more freedom you give your partner, the more they will respect you and your time. If you’re always nagging for someone to give you attention and control their every move, they will start to resent you, and it will inevitably create distance. The more strings, the more pressure that is being put on the relationship when being with someone should be fun and a bonus in your life, rather than an obligation.
Just consider the strings to be little pieces of the relationship that show your insecurities so you try and tie your partner down by reminding them of all the reasons they should be with you, instead of letting them.
2. More Sex:
The less you fight, the more energy and time you have to fuck and enjoy the shit out of loving each other. If you focus on what’s important in a relationship like respect and orgasms, then there shouldn’t be anything to fight out.

You should always understand that you are still your person, regardless of who you are in a relationship with and that your partner doesn’t define who you are.
The moment you realize that you’re going to be perfectly fine with or without them, then you can let your guard down knowing that you choose to have them in your life, so why not get the most out of it. Not everything lasts, especially good looks so why not get as sexually crazy as possible in your prime.
3. Less Likely To Break Up:
If you have a good thing going, there’s no reason to put added pressure on dating someone and increase the intensity of getting a deeper level when it should just happen naturally. Just because you have a real connection with someone and like they don’t mean you have to make things even more serious when relationships should be light and fun.

There is a whole lifetime of marriage and commitment so why not just enjoy your lover’s company and take a moment for what it is?
We often forget the entire purpose of being in a no strings attached relationship. It’s not about the labels or the need for someone in your life; it’s about wanting to add a person to your already stable dynamic to enhance your life in a way that you can not.
I urge you to go into your next relationship with a little less control and a bit more love because strings don’t belong in a relationship unless you’re tying their naked body up with them.